In the last newsletter you have met Leïla and Big Bob (if you don’t know them yet, read the CheeseLetter #2). We introduce one of our most experienced Dreamers to you: Grumb’Loud.


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Our second veteran is also a lone wolf, but for different reasons. Indeed, Grumb’loud has an obsession: writing the most exhaustive inventory of all the things, alive or not, that belong to the Dreamworld. No need to say that the task is titanic and that he spends all his time to scrutinize, list, draw every new thing he can see with his triple eyes. That’s why he never had the occasion to develop his social skills and his fellow travelers are usually quickly getting tired of his repeated breaks to fill his codex.

It is said that his library is just like the universe: infinite and in constant expansion. Thanks to his obsession that has been preoccupying him for hundreds of dreamyears, he travelled the world and confronted a lot of enemies.

He learned a few skills to distract, bother or stupefy with grumblings his opponents without having to fight hand-to-hand.

Published on the Wednesday June 10th, 2015 in News