About the story mode…

While waiting for the playable prototype, we gain a glimpse into the story mode (or PvE for Player vs Environment) of Revery – Duel of Dreamers.

From the beginning of the development we were hoping to create for Revery a rich and deep universe to let the player taking a great pleasure by living the adventures of the dozens of Dreamers who will be playable from the release date.

As you progress through the story, you will discover new playable characters, their own backgrounds and will unlock new capacities that will allow you to devise new strategies.


In this mode, we design levels that fit perfectly to the characters’ capacities and stories. That is why the PvE game experience is noticeably different than in the PvP mode (that will be availble in online or hotseat mode in the final version of the game), since we introduce some “puzzle”-style mechanics.

For example, to perform or unlock a precise action, you will have to use cleverly one character’s capacity, adapted to the situation. But, don’t worry, we hold you some epic moments when you will have to use your strategist talents against even more stronger opponents!

In brief, a varied game experience whose pieces can be discovered in the animated illustrations below.



Published on the Tuesday September 15th, 2015 in News