Hoot Duke

Six Dreamers are available in the playable prototype you will soon be able to test. We have already introduced Leila, Big Bob (CheeseLetter #2), Papy Joe and Grumb’Loud (CheeseLetter #3). One of the two last characters of this Dreamers’ lot is Hoot Duke.

Hoot Duke

planches résentations persos Gd Duc01

The nobility and chivalry can be read on Hoot Duke’s face at first sight. Last-born of a world of Dreams’ noble family, his legacy rests on his courage, his bravery and the respect of a code of honor, perpetuated by his family for generations. Not long ago Hoot Duke has left his kingdom to accomplish his initiatory quest, completed by his ancestors and prerequisite to become a monarch. His goal and values will lead him further than he could have expected…

During battles, armed with his power and his two swords, Hoot Duke is in the first line to defeat his opponents with strength and efficiency.


Published on the Thursday September 24th, 2015 in News