Six Dreamers are available in the playable prototype you will soon be able to test. We have already introduced Leila, Big Bob (CheeseLetter #2), Papy Joe and Grumb’Loud (CheeseLetter #3). One of the two last characters of this Dreamers’ lot is Spirit.


planches résentations persos Spirit01

Spirit is special: not long ago she was a Shadow who was gazing the Dreamers with longing, away from prying eyes. An unexpected event allowed her to go through the looking glass, in this world she would never hope joining. Full of good will, she tries regularly to make friends but most Dreamers find her naive and off-the-wall.

During battles, her Shadow background gives her speed and discretion, just like the best assassins of the World of Dreams.

Meet Spirit in the free Pre-Alpha Demo of Revery – Duel of Dreamers

Published on the Thursday October 22nd, 2015 in News