Feedbacks on the Pre-Alpha Demo

In october 2015 was released our first public and free prototype: the pre-Alpha Demo of Revery – Duel of Dreamers (still available on and IndieDB).

First of all, we warmly thank all the testers who have sent us a lot of constructive reviews of the game.


After a “digestion” time, we have decided, according to these feedbacks, to polish the concept of Revery – Duel of Dreamers, while preserving the core gameplay, that works pretty well.

Making a game for a public is finding a balance between what the team thinks about the game and the opinions of the players.

It is fundamental in this industry to call you into question and have a clear vision of the game in order to not to compromise on the essence of the game. It can be very difficult in a human perspective, but when you succeed in seeing your project from a different angle and accepting criticism, it makes you stronger.

We are now more motivated than ever to continue the development of Revery – Duel of Dreamers, and make you play a role in its evolution! Follow us on social networks and, if you want to support us, share our publications, react, send us messages, come to meet us… We would be happy to exchange with you!

Published on the Friday February 5th, 2016 in News