It is alive!

Do you know the Rognures? Do not trust their friendly and ingenuous look! These shadow creatures enjoy giving Dreamers a hard time… No doubt about it!

Manu set about the animation of a Rognure with Photoshop. He tells us more.


One day, I was searching how to create “easily” 2D animated sprites, and after a research on the internet… I knew.

Animate an illustration with Photoshop

How? In the “Window” menu, you can find the “Timeline” item. Then you can see in the bottom of the Photoshop window a timeline editor which allows you to apply transition effects like fades.

From now you have two possibilities: create a frame by frame animation or an animated layer. The ideal solution is to use both. But, I find the frame by frame solution easier to animate a character.

Once I discovered this, I was curious to test it with one of our nice Rognures. The Rognure characters, in Revery – Duel of Dreamers, would deserve an article on its own… That’s why I can’t tell you more about it now. So, there I was, trying to create a funny walk, with a little sway, frame by frame, with my bible: “Cartoon Animation” by Preston Blair!

Step by step

I have then proceeded just like the traditional animation: create first an illustration of the walking Rognure, just as I was imaginating it, and then the end of walk step, when the weight is supported by just one leg. Finally, I have recreated the intermediate steps in juggling with the opacity of the layers to simulate a “onion skin” effect (you can find it in the animated layers).

After a few hours and trials, here I am, yelling my joy in a famous shout: “Aliiiiiive! It’s aliiiiiiive!”


In summary, that is what I call a little “animatic”. I am currently dealing with my discovery in depth, particularly some strange rules (for example, a layer visible on the image 1 will be visible on all the images…).

This skill requires precision but with a preliminary work, a good cut of the character and a few modification in each image to erase the continuity errors or add light on a character, you can obtain very interesting animations that preserve your artist touch.

I invite you to test this option (we have used it in during the Global Game Jam) which opens up new perspectives. As for me, I will continue my explorations with the Rognures, that are simple enough to test quick animations. Of course, I will show you the results!

Beeeewaaaare mortals! My creature is comiiiing!!