Made in Game Jam

Working, week after week, month after month, on the same game… is exhausting! From time to time we need to think about other projects, in order to wipe the motivation and new ideas slate clean.And that’s exactly what we have done from January 29th to 31th, in attending the Global Game Jam (GGJ).


Caroline, Christophe, Hugo, Manu and Morgan

Game Jam

When we learned that Push Start, the video games professionals in South of France cluster would host the Global Game Jam in Montpellier, we jumped at the chance. A Jam is always a moment of unrestrained creativity which offers us a life-saving disgression, allows us to meet new people and try new approaches in the creation of a video game. By the way some studios use, in intern, the principle of the game jam to generate new innovative ideas (for example, Media Molecules with Tearaway). We must admit that this idea is quite seductive and we certainly will apply it for a future Cheese Burgames project.

During the GGJ, our team was made up of the three of us, Hugo (student in Game Design), Morgan (student in illustration) and Loïc (Sound Designer). The theme of the jam was “Ritual”. A brainstorming later was born an effective and scatterbrain idea: The Last Ritual.

The Last Ritual

Logo TLR

Pitch: in a gloomy world where humans are fixed in their daily routine, embody some happy and disturbed monsters whose goal is to convert a maximum of people, in order to summon… uncommon divinities. Both reflex and typing, cooperation and confrontation game, The Last Ritual is a crazy fast-paced 2 players game.

Want to test it? “The Last Ritual” is downloadable here (PC Windows and OSX)