Do you speak indie?

What is IndieDev Lounge? Gather each week 5 french indie video games studios to speak about a different theme…And you obtain a live-show (in french) on video games, by video games creators, for all the persons interested by the “behind the scenes” of the french independant video games.

Caroline has attended in three of them to discuss about the vision of the marketing and communication in the video games field, the typing games (you know, these games in which a part of the gameplays is to type on your keyboard) and the doubts, questions, disappointments that all the indie developpers meet (not yet on youtube). 

You can see all the IndieDev Lounge videos (french speakers only) on the IndieDev Lounge Youtube channel. And if you want to participate in the chat during the show, meet the team every wednesday at 9 PM (Paris time) on Twitch.

We will of course attend some of the next shows. To know when, stay connectected on the social networks!